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what if heavenly mother is lucifer?

Before the creation of this world, Heavenly Father presented a plan for all of his spirit children. Heavenly Mother had another plan that she wanted him to consider, one that may have been superior to his own plan, but he didn’t want to hear it.

the war against lgbtqia people-which side are you on?

“I hate every sector of the straight establishment in this country – the worst of whom actively want all queers dead, the best of whom never stick their necks out to keep us alive.”

respecting agency even when it hurts

I hope people (including myself) will try our best to respect others’ agency. Their agency to not text back, to not speak, to not come over, to not commit, to not be nice, to be left alone, to be with other people, to not help us.

bearded women

A few weeks ago, performance artist Little Bear the Bearded Lady shared with the world that she no longer identifies as genderqueer, but as a cis…

what is sex?

“I lost my virginity.” What does that mean? “It means I had sex.” What is sex? “Everybody knows what sex is.” Is holding hands sex? Is…