not in Primary anymore

an atheist’s prayer

Oh God. Oh Mother. Oh Holy One.

I don’t think you’re listening. I don’t think you can. Whether you created this Universe or you ARE this Universe, I don’t think you have eyes or ears or mouth to speak. But I do. And so let me talk to you for a moment, whether you can hear me or not, whether you’re real or not.


I’ve called you a tyrant. I’ve called you a monster. This Universe, whether it is you or you created it, is no friend of humanity, I’ve said.

There is death. There is excruciating, long-lasting pain. There is cancer and tsunamis and war and rape and murder. This Universe, I’ve said before, is no friend of ours.


But a part of me can’t deny that there is also much good. There is love. There is beauty. There is kindness and friendship and joy and passion and pets, and children die everyday but sometimes they LIVE and laugh and have fun.

The sun may give us cancer and eventually consume the Earth, but it’s also so magnificent. People may do very terrible things to each other but sometimes they will do everything for each other.


And for that, I am thankful. Begrudgingly, hesitantly thankful. Because it’s hard to be 100% thankful for such a Universe that both blesses us and curses us in the same moment.

But it doesn’t matter anyway. You’ll probably never know my satisfaction nor my frustration. You probably have no eyes or ears or mouth to speak. But I do.

And so, just for a moment, I will say: thank you. For all the good out there, thank you.

8 Responses to “an atheist’s prayer”

  1. Rob

    Ignorance. There is evil in the world cause Of US. Not cause of God. God created us all. He told Adam and,eve not to eat the forbidden fruit. Once Adam and eve disobeyed God we became stained with sin. That’s why we are so quick to be angry and wanting to fight. Jesus is the only one who was sinless that’s why only He could pay our,debts on the cross. That’s why we no longer have to performing email animal sacrifices. Grace is free. PLease accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. God bless

    • Isaac Kurth

      If Adam and Eve never partook of the fruit, how would they have had any knowledge of good and evil? According to the Biblical story, there couldn’t have been knowledge of either without partaking of the fruit, so if Adam and Eve hadn’t partaken, there would be no evil in the world, but no good either, and the good in the world is what I and Meli are grateful for.

      • Rob

        Because EVERYTHING was PERFECT. There was no sin. No pain. No sickness. No original sin. I wish you would start using your brain and knowing that JESUS CHRIST is LORD. The bible i backed up by evidence. Meanwhile what is atheism backed up by? orrible science and logic. Jesus is perfect. He was the only one to be sinless. Not you. Not me. There is only ONE way to heaven and thats by accepting Jesus as your Savior.

  2. Emily

    Why don’t you just admit the truth and change your groups name? Clearly you are actually Young Atheist Feminists. This whole group is so far gone from The Latter Day Saint church, it’s not even funny.

    • Isaac Kurth

      Maybe they decided that they still care about the perspectives of those who don’t believe in God. I’ve appreciated how this blog is a lot more sensitive to the feelings of those who don’t believe than most of the people I’ve found in mainstream Mormonism.


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