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Young Mormon Feminist Resources (frequently updated)

Or: How to engage in an intelligent conversation about Mormon Feminism

Feminism in general
FAQ page of feminist terms:

Historical overview of feminism:

Forms of sexism
What is ambivalent sexism? (Hostile and benevolent sexism):

Benevolent sexism

Ambivalent sexism inventory:

Rape culture
What is rape culture?

How the modesty doctrine relates to rape culture:

An LDS perspective on victim blame:


The psychology of purity culture:

An alternate paradigm of LDS chastity:


Male privilege:

Mormon male privilege:

White privilege:

Male feminists
These articles addresse the role of men in feminism (or, why you’re “just” an ally):

The beginning of this article is great for all newcomers to feminism; the latter part is more specific to men (or women who want to know how to most effectively call out men on their privilege):

Why it’s your own responsibility as a man to educate yourself about feminism.

Discussion dynamics:
Good intentions; or, “I didn’t mean it to be offensive!”

Mansplaining and related phenomena:

Tone arguments:


Some lingo:



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