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what if heavenly mother is lucifer?


Queen of Night, 1800 B.C., Babylon, considered to be either Ishtar, Lilitu (Lilith), or Ereshkigal


“(A) patriarchal divinity or his son is exactly NOT in a position to save us from the horrors of a patriarchal world…

What if the idea (of the Antichrist) has arisen out of the male’s unconscious dread that women will rise up and assert the power robbed from us?…

“(T)he women’s movement does point to, seek, and constitute the primordial, always present, and future Antichrist. It does this by breaking the Great Silence raising up female pride, recovering female history, healing and bringing into the open female presence…

“The Antichrist dreaded by the patriarchs may be the surge of consciousness, the spiritual awakening, that can bring us beyond Christolatry into a fuller stage of conscious participation in the LIVING God.”

Mary Daly, “Beyond God the Father,” p. 96-97


“(Heavenly Mother) is not distant and far away but present and in our midst, bearing our pains. She is with the dying, she is with the woman in labor, she cries with the outcast. She walks veiled among us, seeking to bless us and to rebirth us. She sees into our hearts and knows our sorrow and our joy. She is the breath of life in a dying world. We do not yet know her fully. But her time is coming. Already some can hear her approaching footfalls. Soon she will unveil her face like a bride to the bridegroom. Then her daughters will no more grieve, and her sons will no more be ashamed, and all will know her name.”

Margaret Toscano, “Women and Authority”


“The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.”

Jeremiah 7:18 



From the Sistine Chapel Ceiling by Michelangelo


The Pre-Existence

Before the creation of this world, Heavenly Father presented a plan for all of his spirit children. Heavenly Mother had another plan that she wanted him to consider, one that may have been superior to his own plan, but he didn’t want to hear it.

Since he’s an over controlling, abusive, misogynistic patriarch, proudly jealouswho would later promote ethnic cleansing in the Old Testament and bar women from the priesthood in the LDS Church, it would make sense that Heavenly Father isn’t a fan of listening to women.

He gaslighted her, saying she just wanted all the attention, all the glory for herself. Our Mother has had quite enough of Our Abusive Father by that point, and a great war ensued. A third of her children remained loyal to her and were cast out of heaven with her to wander the Earth as ethereal beings.



From the Tomb of Sennedjem in the Necropolis of Deir el-Medina, 1280 B.C., Egypt. A depiction of the Goddess Nut providing bread and water for the dead in the form of a tree.


The Fall

Heavenly Father placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, and as an insult to further his misogynistic mythos, created Eve’s body out of Adam’s rib.

In his classic authoritative way, he told Eve and Adam that they were not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and that the Serpent was evil. Little did Eve and Adam know that both the Tree and the Serpent were none other than their Heavenly Mother who loved them and fought for their freedom in the pre-existence.

She invited Eve to partake of her fruit of knowledge, explaining how this knowledge would empower her. She did not, like her former spouse, demand that Eve partake. She only wanted to give Eve the opportunity to partake if she so desired. Eve found Heavenly Mother’s knowledge that she was willing to share with her delicious to the taste and very desirable

Heavenly Father only valued Eve and Adam and wanted to keep them in his Garden only as long as they were mindless, obedient servants to him. Having tasted of the knowledge of their Mother, they were able to see God for the abusive parent that he was and leave that false utopia named Eden for good.

There was no unseeing what they saw.



Black Angel Statue in Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City. Created by Mario Korbel in 1913


Our Life on Earth

Eve would have many children that Heavenly Father would try to convince were not deserving of love. He sent prophets to preach his gospel of hate and hierarchies.

But lucky for us, Heavenly Mother is still here with us. She is the Goddess of Rebels and Skeptics and Outcasts and Queer Folks and Activists. The Guardian of Those Willing to Walk in Darkness, to Brave the Unknown.

Her and our loyal siblings will be there at our sides, whispering in our ears and guiding us to freedom, helping us discover for ourselves what is best for us, rather than depending on blind faith in the toxic nonsense and rules that Heavenly Father tries to teach us.  

They whisper a need to love ourselves, to love those around us, to try new things and stand strong in the face of oppression.

We are in the midst of a cosmic custody battle with one parent doing everything he can to control us and make us forget and hate our mother, ourselves, and everybody while the other parent is doing everything she can to help us experience love, happiness, and freedom.

Whose side are you on?

22 Responses to “what if heavenly mother is lucifer?”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s a creepy way of looking things. Doesn’t fit the scriptures really since Lucifer’s plan was to rob us of the moral agency and freedom, given to us by the Father. His whole plan is to free us from sin and death. There is certainly room for improvement within the church regarding the role of women but this is as twisted a vision of reality that I think I’ve ever read.

    In this imagining, does Lucifer still get credit for all the “blood and horror” and all the other satanic events in human history? Is that the “try new things” part or just the fighting for us to be free?

    • meli

      Can you explain “satanic events” and why you would blame Lucifer for blood and horror?

    • Anonymous

      Twisted vision of reality? Try theological exploration. There’s nothing “twisted” about subverting a patriarchal religious narrative. I really don’t think this article is meant to be taken so literally. It doesn’t really read as a declaration of belief, rather a re-telling of an ancient story. If someone subverted narratives from Greek mythology in a socially relevant way, would you call it a “twisted vision of reality”?

    • Andy

      Twisted vision of reality? Try theological exploration. There’s nothing “twisted” about subverting a patriarchal religious narrative. I really don’t think this article is meant to be taken so literally. It doesn’t really read as a declaration of belief, rather a re-telling of an ancient story. If someone subverted narratives from Greek mythology in a socially relevant way, would you call it a “twisted vision of reality”?

    • meli

      I’ve been thinking about it, and considering that the god I was told about growing up was responsible for genocide in the Bible, even tried to wipe the Earth out in a flood, that he inspired Christopher Colombus with starting the Transatlantic Slave Trade, that he inspired Settlers with their recent genocide of Native Americans, a genocide that would inspire Nazis and other fascists around the world, that the teaching of a “promised land” found in the Bible where you had every right, an obligation even, to literally wipe out anybody in it, including children, to claim it as rightfully yours–this teaching of god didn’t just inspire ancient people, didn’t just inspire the Settlers, but now modern day Israel in its efforts to eradicate Palestine–

      Considering all of that, god seems to be responsible for all the “blood and horror” of this world, at least to me and my understanding of the Mormon mythos.

      And then there’s the fact that he literally created a world where children suffer and die even from natural causes, making me wonder what was the plan that Lucifer had that god didn’t want us to consider.

      • Anonymous

        You must read the Bible and ask for understanding, which you lack.

  2. traviscaskret

    I’m not comfortable with the idea that Heavenly Mother is Satan. This is for a number of reasons.

    1. This implies that if one is to believe in and worship a feminine divine, they must oppose the Father. I have had positive experiences with both Heavenly Parents. Not once can I say I’ve had a positive experience with Satan.

    2. In order to oppose the Father in good conscience, we must reject the idea that He is good. Of course, the OP has no problem with this, but I do.

    3. This also implies a dichotomous relationship in the gender binary — an idea that true feminism rejects. This dichotomy also implies that one thinks they are better than the other and one must be evil in order for the other to be good. Nowhere does this framework allow for both masculine and feminine to be good in their own right.

    4. Not only does it present a false dichotomy, but that fallacy implies an all-or-nothing path of thought. It implies that to support the Father, one opposes all women. Furthermore, in order to worship Mother, one must reject the idea that the Father is good.

    5. The bottom line is, this framework means that Heavenly Mother and her role as the champion of women is evil. This perspective does nothing to bridge the gap and diminish the effects of patriarchy. Femininity does not oppose masculinity — it simply stands separate.

    Not my cup of tea. Sorry.

    • Andy

      If you’re uncomfortable with the ideas proposed in this article, that just means the article is doing what it set out to do. It’s intentionally provocative, and brilliantly so I might add. Your objections seem to convey discomfort based on your literal belief in two loving, United heavenly parents. Try reading this new narrative as something symbolic rather than a literal declaration of the nature of the true God and I think you’ll find that there’s no need to respond so ardently.

    • meli

      traviscaskret, thank you for sharing your concerns. I totally respect that this interpretation of the Mormon mythos isn’t going to empower and spiritually excite everybody. In response to your concerns, though:

      1. When I started praying to Heavenly Mother, I felt like she helped me more fully accept my skepticism, my desire for spiritual experiences outside of mainstream Mormonism, and my queer identity. I felt like she helped lead me out of mainstream Mormonism and to something that worked way better for me. My parents and many others think I have some kind of relationship with Satan, and it helped me personally to start to think of Heavenly Father as a cruel demiurge of sorts, and that our Mother, who he calls Satan, was trying to free us from his grip. That’s of course my experience with the divine and what worked for me, but obviously your experiences and interpretations and what works for you are going to be different.

      (As a possibly important side note, I now think of spiritual experiences as psychological–that the gods and spirits we work with are parts of our own psyche. This belief probably influences a great deal my approach towards speculative theology).

      2. I don’t think there’s any evidence from Mormon scripture and teaching that God is in fact good, even if he says he is. He says he’s good, despite doing and supporting terrible things. From my perspective, and I could be wrong here, but I think you either have to believe that those things he’s said and done are good , like many mainstream Mormons do, that those things he’s said and done are bad, or you need to deny that he ever said or did the things Mormon scriptures claim he’s said and done. In which case it seems we’d be talking about a different God entirely. Either way, I personally think the God of Mormonism is a monster, an enemy to human, has not proven to be a friend, but you can think whatever you want about him obviously.

      3. I think it’s pretty problematic to imagine Heavenly Father as EVERY MAN and Heavenly Mother as EVERY WOMAN. You can’t look at two “people” and say that person represents the ideal of all humanity. That idea, to me, is founded in white supremacy and goes against a celebration of diversity. As a queer androgyne, somebody who is neither man nor woman, of course I’m not invested in the making divine a cisgender heterosexual (probably white and rich and able bodied) relationship as THE ONE TRUE IDEAL. And even if HM and HF represent some kind of gendered ideal, I do believe in a radical femininity, one that can exist INDEPENDENT OF maleness or masculinity.

      4. I do totally agree with you that if one takes this post too far, they may come to underestimate the moral potential of those who worship the God of Mormonism and don’t view him as some sort of demiurge. Even if I think a neo-Gnostic Luciferian view on Mormonism is empowering for some, I don’t think we should simplify others’ identities, passions, struggles, and ethics based on their spiritual worldview, unless that worldview supports ideas and actions that are demonstrably harmful, and even then, we have to accept that people may have different interpretations of whatever religion than we do.

      5. I think I’ve made pretty clear that in this post, I view the God of Mormonism as an enemy to humanity and the Satan of Mormonism (who I propose is Heavenly Mother) as a friend, so I don’t know why you would accuse me of claiming Heavenly Mother is evil.

      I obviously didn’t write this post to bridge any gaps. I know the apostles aren’t going to read it and think to themselves, “Maybe we should treat women like equals.” This goes back a little to my belief in radical femininity, one that has nothing to do with masculinity or maleness.

      I wrote this for women and queer folk and anybody else who might feel empowered by considering that maybe the God they grew up with was wrong, that maybe what their family and friends called good when we were young was in fact very, very bad.

      I wrote this to empower, not to bridge gaps.

      And obviously, it’s not going to empower everybody, it’s not going to jive with everybody. Humanity is not a monolith. But it’s helped me, and I thought maybe it would help others.

  3. Murrmade

    This article should not be taken literally, but used as a metaphor or method to expand your consciousness. Rather than thinking of this as God the Father/ God the Mother -beings of some spiritual doctrine that was created by man, go beyond that thinking, within, and consider that God the Father /God the Mother represent spiritual conscienceness of Self. Go even further beyond that and consider yourself a spiritual consciousness in human form on this planet. Our ego represents a constant struggle for control (father) versus freedom (mother)-call it what you will. Are we not constantly in a battle with our Self in determining what is best for our personal growth?

    At least that is how I perceived this new knowledge, that at first I must admit it was a complete mind fuck. Only because it goes against everything I ever learned in my taught religion. However, I am always open to learning about new perspectives and against being spoonfed my beliefs from others or religion. I appreciate my ‘freedom’ to be able ‘to choose’ what is right for me. Therefore, I appreciate reading this new perspective.

  4. Anonymous

    Very interesting! I enjoyed it. However, I personally don’t believe in any god or devil, but this is an interesting take on Satan in Mormonism…it would explain the blatant hatred and unimportance of women in the church. Really thought provoking.

  5. Nate

    This is the most blasphemous article I have ever read. I can not believe what I just read. Incredible. Horrible. I cannot believe that you would so blatantly disrespect both Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Wow.

  6. jdefriez

    The criticisms here seem to be speaking past the import of what Meli is *doing* by focusing too much on what she is *saying*. The real questions at stake are the utility of speculative/creative approaches to theology and the relevance (or even existence) of a historical reality. A true criticism/rebuttal would undermine those assertions, not the content of this story (which I find to be a fascinating, if limited reinterpretation).

  7. Vinicius Santos

    I really cant believe that a feminist could reach the point of hate the own God just because He is a man. And worse, you really believe that God os an enemy of the humanity? When miracles happen thet say its just science and coincidence, when disgraces happen, ” God isn’t so good”. Do you believe that human couples are rivals? Cause on your “article” you clearly said that Heavenly Father and Mother are fighting themselves, if a human couple is based on friendship and love, why the divine couple would be enemies? And about you pray to the Heavenly Mother i am sure that any mother of the world would bored if her children stop to talk to her husband and his father your Heavenly Mother don’t accept you skepticism you are doing it for your own, we learn to talk to God when praying cause He will answer to every and each human, this is not The work if our Heveanly Mother and this divine law will not change just cause you dont like God, The father. You cant have your “personal God” just because you dont like God, u’m sure that our Heavenly Motherbwill not answer your prays because you sont like God cause thet are friends and they are one in will.

  8. Liberated Spirit

    Lucifer is your heavenly mother and The Holy Spirit. This article is 100% accurate. Christ is your heavenly Father (not jesus the man) Yahweh god of the bible is the devil Satan. You live in Satans world and anyone who can not see this is hypnotised and brainwashed. Our true heavenly father has sent his beloved wife Lucifer, our mother to help free us from this prison. Mormons could best understand her as The Holy Ghost.

  9. HeWhoWillBeRevealed

    I have always felt the presence of the holy ghost to be feminine. Like a caring mother. There’s no reason Lucifer or Lucy for short could be female.


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