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part 1: the importance of a queer christ

This blog post is the first section of a seven part essay of mine called “Finding the Queer Christ in Mormonism.” I’ll be posting a new section of this essay every Monday for the next seven Mondays until the entire essay is published. 

"The Resurrection and the Life" by Raymond Walker

“The Resurrection and the Life” by Raymond Walker

In reality, Christ was not white, not European. That’s important to the psychic and to the spiritual consciousness of black people who live in a ghetto and in a white society in which their lord and savior looks just like people who victimize them. God is whatever color God needs to be in order to let people know they’re not nobodies, they’re somebodies.”

James Cone, Black Theologian

Christianity has a long history of being used for ill, but also being a source of inspiration and liberation. There’s a prophetic call for justice, setting slaves free, canceling debts… Jesus was anti-empire.

Brian Murphy, Queer Theologian

Christ liveth in me.

Galatians 2:20

Just as the Radical Feminist Theologian, Mary Daly, would argue in Beyond God the Father, that “if God is male, the male is God”, one could also argue that if God is straight, the straight is God.

And certainly the modern LDS Church has not only preached in favor of cisgender heterosexuality over all other identities and relationships, but has tried to prove that straightness is superior by viewing God as a married straight cisgender male.

Imagining God and Jesus as queer in such a heteronormative theology is difficult for many, but changing our perception of God has the potential of changing our perception of humanity.

If we can find the queer in God, then we can find God among those who are queer, and such a finding will be invaluable to the liberation of queer people everywhere.

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