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some common stages of mofem (gifs)

*No matter where you are with feminism you are a welcome and valid voice in the community*

The Baby:

Why this, why that? You are questioning the world around you and looking for answers. So cute when people see sexism for the first time!

The Valerie Hudson:

You are a feminist. You just dipped your toes in and are determined to keep the faith. You found “The Two Trees” and it jives perfectly with what you think right now. Separate roles, but equal. We are equal! Shweet!

The Student:

You made a friend. A feminist friend they are great…but they are introducing you to a world you never knew. It is great, also scary, but so great!

The New Anger:

You knew things were wrong but now you see it all! It never stops!! Nothing you love is safe! AHHHH!!

The Cool and Collected:

You aren’t angry anymore. You see the best way to get people to hear you and change their minds is to be reasonable and understanding. Prepare to be schmoozed into feminism!

The Wordz:

You are learning about theory and intersectional issues. There is so much to learn. The new vocab is overwhelming. Cis, heteronormative, ableism, POC?? HALP!!

The Volcano:

You thought you were cool and collected. You were wrong. Now you have officially terrified a classmate, entire class, friends, family, or stranger with your feminist outbursts. Yelling at the TV is common too.

The Riot Grrl:

You accept anger. You want action, you challenge the binary. Writing ‘slut’ on your body is sounding pretty appealing and you are getting good at flipping off catcallers.


You are make weird jokes/ It’s a new coping mechanism to shield you from the persistent patriarchy. Misandry? LOLZ. Ironic slut walk? LOLZ. Smash patriarchy, literally? LOLZ 4EVA!

The Burn Out:

Feminism be hard. You have to keep trying to fix things and people are so stupid. So tired. Mind melting from men’s right activists and fox news induced frustration.

The White Wizard:

You met someone who is interested in feminism. You talk to them. Invite them places. You are the teacher and leader! Procreating feminist posterity is the most rewarding role a woman can have.

The Never-ending:

You realize and accept that your relationship with feminism will always be fluctuating. It will be part of your life forever just in different ways. Bring on the future.


Love to all the Mormon feminists out there! Post additional stages you think of in the comments!

Beena is a university student with a soft spot for rats and graphic tees. She also loves vegetables, especially the ones she grows herself.

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