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i cut my hair off and people have so much to say about it

I got a buzz cut after nearly 21 years with hair that fell halfway down my back, and people suddenly feel compelled to share their evaluations of my decision:

“You’re still beautiful.”
Reassuring me that you like the way I look despite a significant part of my appearance is not a compliment.

“Women look better with long hair.”
Thus spake the Boner God.

“Are you a lesbian now?”
Yes. You are such a good detective. Well done.

“So, you like it?”
No. I hate it. That’s why I did it. Because I hate it so much.

“Most men like women with long hair.”
This is relevant to my decision making precisely never.

“You might intimidate people.”

“But your long hair was so pretty!”
And I liked you so much better before you opened your mouth.

“I like girls with short hair.”
How very progressive of you.

“When are you growing it out?”
Who knows? My short hair is not an interlude.

9 Responses to “i cut my hair off and people have so much to say about it”

  1. Genevieve

    Ha! I love it! I got similar comments just when I went to a pixie cut. It gets shorter every time I stay up too late after I take an ambien and I find the scissors…. Someday I’ll have the guts to buzz it and stride about confidently without caring what people may think of it. Also I will wear red lipstick. Because red lipstick.

  2. Daisy

    In the early 1980’s Princess Diana came on the scene. I was about 14 year old. I took one look at her and cut off all my hair and have never looked back.

  3. curtispenfold

    I was assigned male at birth and have lived most of my life being treated as a male.

    When I started dressing femme, I was surprised how many people wanted to give me unasked for fashion advice, commenting on my shoes, my choice of jewelry and my unshaved body hair.

    Because of my experience and listening to many others like yours, I’ve decided that femininity for some people means permission to body police.

  4. Judgedbymylooks

    The Navy chopped my hair off in boot camp. No man, including my husband, would look at me until it go to my shoulders again. No, I take that back. Old men who thought I looked like a boy or a pre-teen would try to pick me up. They could care less that I was an accomplished adult.


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