not in Primary anymore

not a temple.

cw: mention of self-harm, eating disorders




my body is not a temple

the cuts on my skin

are not vandalism

the binges

not money-changers

whips only brought out when i

say so

i don’t need a recommend here

no restoration needed

let the signs of wear

of age of trauma of storm


my body is not a temple

with sparkling chandeliers

and spotless tile floors

a supposed refuge from

The World

my body is worn out

run down

bruised scarred breaking bursting

in the world      of it

and more sacred than a building

of brick and mortar

will ever be

9 Responses to “not a temple.”

  1. martha my love

    I am so happy for you to understand what a useless and onerous analogy that is. I celebrate your taking ownership of your body and your life.

  2. curtispenfold

    This poem reminded me of the essay “Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability.” Quoting from the essay:

    “There is only the illusion of solace in beauty. If age and disability teach us anything, it is that investing in beauty will never sit us free. Beauty has always been hurled as a weapon. It has always taken the form of an exclusive club; and supposed protection against violence, isolation, and pain, but this is a myth. It is not true, even for those accepted into the club. I don’t think we can reclaim beauty.”

    I think everybody everywhere should seriously read the essay quoted above. Thanks for another thoughtful, heartfelt poem, Dani!


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