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12 things not to say to a mormon with an eating disorder

1. “What you are doing is a sin and against the Word of Wisdom.”

What I am gonna do if you say that again is gonna be a sin!

2. “This activity is keeping you from the Savior.”
It is also keeping me from functioning on a basic level but, sure, more religious shaming. I definitely have the self-esteem for that.

3. “I don’t think I could ever have an eating disorder because I know that my body is a temple.”
Wait, my body is a temple? I am cured!

4. “Pray to Heavenly Father to help you to stop.”
I already spend countless nights crying and pleading with my higher power. Don’t tell me to pray more; send me to a therapist!

5. “What is your favorite junk?…Your favorite food to do it with?”*
Really? It’s anything I can find because I have a mental illness you unmuzzled maggot-pie!

6. “But, you are so beautiful!”
I don’t need, nor will I believe your compliments. Also, try complimenting me on something other than my physical appearance.

7. “So how does it work?”
You can’t put the puzzle pieces together and figure it out? As a bulimic I eat a ton of food then I make myself vomit it all up. Happy?

8. “In the next life we will have perfect bodies”
Oh goody, I will be skinny in heaven!

9. “You know, this could affect your ability to have children”
It could. Menstrual irregularities are common. Also, mouth and throat sores, swollen salivary glands, irregular heartbeat, extreme fatigue, lanugo, damaged teeth, bone loss, organ failure, digestive problems, depression and death.

10. “Your body is a gift from God. You should be grateful”
It’s not my fault there was no gift receipt.

11. “It’s fast Sunday”
You know I am in recovery for an eating disorder so…

12. “I know so many men that find your body type attractive”
Your reassurance that I still have the chance to get married, based on my appearance, does not help me stop obsessing about my body.

To learn how to support someone with an eating disorder here are some links:

Help Guide

Center for Change


To learn more about feminism and eating disorders follow these links:

When Black Girls Don’t Eat

10 Things to Understand

Miss Representation

*A stake presidency member asked me this during an interview. He went on to say the following, “I think I would do it with pizza. ‘Cause salad wouldn’t come up as easy”. To which I said, “Umm, yeah I don’t think I have ever done it with salad”.

Beena is a university student with a soft spot for rats and graphic tees. She also loves vegetables, especially the ones she grows herself.

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  1. Teresa

    Ha ha, my favorite part of this article is your little video clips. Every single one is perfect!! Bless you in your difficult journey. 😉

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