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ymf podcast: episode 6 – lessons from MoFem history with Joanna Brooks

Join Julia as she talks with Joanna Brooks about the lessons we can learn about the current environment in the church from Mormon Feminist history. Joanna gives advice for how to deal with internal and external strife and what we can do to help the feminist cause (hint: write, write, talk, and write some more).


Correction: In the podcast, I mistakenly identified Claudia Bushman’s work as the Mormon Women Project. The correct name is the Mormon Women Oral History Project. The Mormon Women Project is another fabulous, but separate, initiative to record women’s stories in the church.

5 Responses to “ymf podcast: episode 6 – lessons from MoFem history with Joanna Brooks”

  1. Katherine

    I’m a conservative woman, and I hate how Joanna said conservative Mormon women are power hungry. That’s ridiculous. Worst part of this.

    • Julia

      I think she meant that everyone operates within their own paradigm to perpetuate the hierarchical structure in which they would thrive. For conservative women, that would be the status quo. I don’t think it’s a condemnation of conservative women, but more dissecting conservative women’s criticisms that feminists are merely power hungry and therefore unrighteous. We all seek power, but in different ways.

  2. Katherine

    I do not believe that all feminists or those who support female ordination are power hungry. I do not necessarily believe they are unrighteous either.

  3. Frances Sapien

    Women also can be of great help To the Mormon Church. In many ways to lead when no men is around . We need to be powerful when needs come around to help our self’s and even the Mormon Church. Women Minsters are also ready to serve the Church to take parole to God Kingdom or even lead a powerful Nation.


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