not in Primary anymore

of things to come…

take a minute.

think about the amount of feminist literature that you’ve read lately.

you should read more feminist literature.

i was going to post an exhaustive list of feminist literature that i know and love, and suggest you read it. but then, i thought, i should just let you search the interwebs. search for feminist literature. find something you know and love. and then, on May 18th when i next post, you should look forward to me talking comparative analysis of a few of my favorite works. lucky you.

the great thing about feminism is that there are so many different feminists who don’t agree with one another. find some. do some research. find feminists who *you* find interesting, but who don’t all agree with one another.

this is a call to read. think you’ve read enough feminist literature already? noooooope. pick up a book. download a pdf. and think about who best represents your brand of feminism. who do you respect, despite disagreeing with their stance. who do you think has the most outrageous ideas.

read. read for your life.

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