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announcing the YMF scholarship contest!!!!!!!!!

We are pleased to announce a new Young Mormon Feminists “YOLO” Scholarship Contest!

This contest, which we hope to make an annual tradition in the YMF community, will award a $500 scholarship in spring of 2014. Applications are due April 30th, and recipients will be announced approximately one month later. Applicants will be asked to provide personal and academic information and write two essays: the first will speak to the prompt “Why feminism matters to me,” and the second will explain how this award will assist them in pursuit of academic and career goals. You will find a link to the application form HERE. All are invited to apply. Anyone wishing to donate to the YMF scholarship fund may do so by sending your donation through Paypal to YMF (

In other exciting and related news, this award is being made possible by the generous folks at Plan B Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah! Plan B always donates the proceeds from its preview shows to a charity group, and this year they’ve chosen YMF! On March 26th at 7:00 pm, they’re putting on a spectacular show called “3.” Written by Eric Samuelson and directed by Cheryl Ann Cluff, this unique and emotional play is broken into three separate stories, each about Mormon women facing complex personal issues as they confront their own culture. Please come, as this performance is specially for the YMF community! You can RSVP here.

We are so honored that Plan B has chosen YMF and grateful that they’ve enabled us to begin this scholarship. Whether you are interested in applying for the scholarship or not, please support the theatre by attending the show! Again, it is on Wednesday, March 26th at 7:00 pm. Tickets are available for $20 each or however much you can contribute. We encourage you to attend with family and friends, as the size and number of scholarships will be determined by proceeds from this evening.

Since YMF is collecting the proceeds, we are in charge of distributing tickets. Here’s how to purchase them for you and your friends and family:

1) Send $20 per ticket through Paypal to Paypal is a secure system and it’s free to set up an account. If you live in Provo and want to pay in cash, you can bring it to FHE and your name will be added to the list.

2) Make sure you specify how many tickets you mean to purchase if you send a larger sum. If you are able to sponsor someone by donating enough for an extra ticket for someone who otherwise would not be able to attend, feel free to specify that.

3) MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON YOUR PAYPAL ORDER. We will give a list of everyone’s names who have paid to Plan B, and they will only let you in if your name is on the list, so this is important.

Thank you for reading, good luck to our scholarship applicants, and respond with questions in the comments below.

5 Responses to “announcing the YMF scholarship contest!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Orwell

    Oughtn’t there to be a YAGE scholarship as well? To apply, post the details of why you’re leaving the YMF Facebook group in the YMF Facebook group.

    • Ally

      Probably because the money is going towards helping someone go to college.

  2. embracing our paradoxes: a review of eric samuelson’s “3″ | Young Mormon Feminists

    […] Today I had the opportunity to attend the dress rehearsal of Eric Samuelson’s “3,” a play in -you guessed it- three parts that depicts Mormon women navigating their own culture. Plan B Theatre Company is putting it on this season at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City, and you should come to the special preview performance this Wednesday March 26th at 7:00pm because the proceeds will go to the YMF scholarship fund! More details here. […]


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