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thy nature is divine.

How Divine Nature Saved My Life:

Divine Nature was always my least favorite value. Most of the requirements involved scripture-reading. She is more precious than rubies and thank you for comparing women to inanimate objects while reinforcing the idea that women are possessions. No.

But then I found out that I’m apparently going through early menopause, at the age of 22.


And while I’d always believed that being a woman wasn’t tied to one’s reproductive capabilities or reproductive organs, that thought had never been challenged. And I started to worry about whether or not I could call myself a woman when I was menopausal. Post-menopausal. If I had to get my uterus or ovaries removed, or all of the above. If I had to be on artificial hormones the rest of my life.

Of course. Of course I can. Of course anyone can. Of course people with or without or in-between these places can call themselves women if that is who they feel they are.

Of course, is the answer. But I worried nonetheless. And it was overhearing the words “divine nature” that made the worry stop. Divine nature.

I don’t believe in divine nature. But I believe in identity. And my identity gets to be “woman,” as long as I feel the proverbial shoe fits.

3 Responses to “thy nature is divine.”

  1. arianaborzea

    One question for you, why do you stay in the church if you don’t believe in some of it’s teachings? I see a lot of young women posting on here about not thinking that the church’s teachings are right/moral and I don’t understand why they stay.

    • Dani

      I don’t stay. I am inactive. But I’m culturally Mormon as can be, even if that’s no longer how I identify spiritually.

    • Dani

      Plenty of people stay in the church who don’t believe everything. You don’t have to accept everything or nothing at all. If that were the case, the church would be a much, much smaller institution.


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