not in Primary anymore

a year in review! RIP YMF 2013-2013

2013 was a great year for YMF. We gained more authors and readers, had a post that went viral overnight (setting the record for most views in one day- 20,343), celebrated the one year anniversary of YMF, are close to having 1,000 members in the YMF facebook group, and started another design revamp for this blog that will be debuted soon!

Here’s some stats in case you’re interested. Here’s to 2014 bringing even more growth and awesomeness to this community.

In 2013 on this blog we had 186 posts.

Top five posts according to page views:

confronting the naked facts of male immodesty, one kneecap at a time 
my resignation letter 
“gender flame war”s, byu memes, and the f word (feminism!)
the gay law of chastity 
“people aren’t ready to hear this” … but they need to 

We also revamped the blog to a new layout in the spring. And passed 300,000 total views! 

Probably the most exciting thing was simply that that male modesty spoof went viral, which was awesome for bringing so many people to the blog, and also awesome in that many people now stumble across this blog while searching for porn (in the male modesty post, I say at one point “I can’t believe I’m posting porn on this blog, but I’m doing it for the sake of raising awareness!” and apparently that is making it so when people search for porn, Google sends them to YMF). I like to think that these people are super horny for porn, then find YMF and are so intrigued by these young Mormon feminists that they get distracted and read a few articles instead of porning it up. 

I was going to make this post longer and have more stats but actually that about sums it up. Comment if you want to know anything else about the blog and I’d be happy to share!

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