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young one from the house: a poem


fishtail sunrise


Young one from the house

By Erin Moore

I had this idea
And it is merely that.
Just a tiny floating speck in the cosmos
Of my mind.
Now mind you,
Minds are frightening things
And mine is no different,
A pendulum swinging between
Sense and nonsense,
Solution and chaos,
Order and earthbreakingspinesnapping anarchy.

This speck may be something or worse,
But here it is:
God does not equal Man.
God the Ultimate
The wild universe over,
Ruling a place
Where we who seek more
Cannot help but feel absence
And wish we could find it and fill it.
Or better She find us.

We see our world as a vast mountain,
Not the house we built but a natural form,
And from its base
To the sharpest terrifying peaks
Bellow resounding chords of He
All deep disembodied voices.
From here we see and believe and live,
But we are within and the creators.

Yes even the man
Who communed with Jehovah
Was there,
Not such a firm foundation
But a lens plastered to his soft
Sun-warmed face.
And the AllKnowingSupreme
The Ultimate Witness to our creation
Spoke with a language
And in a form
Which the young one from the house could grasp,
Take forward.

And we too pressed on
Beginning with and expanding
The first world
Into the new.
With our God
Who patiently waits for the day
Of Whole Holiness,
Not revelation from the Highest
But our capability of seeing it.


2 Responses to “young one from the house: a poem”

  1. Sophia Mason

    Really nice! Great allegory and turn at te end. it is surprising and satisfying.

  2. Kayla Kirchberg

    Beautiful 🙂 This is something! (not worthless) I like the whole thing, it starts and stays interesting. I think I’m a young one from the house- simple? Anyway, very pretty 🙂


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