not in Primary anymore

help us improve YMF!

Please forgive this momentary pause in our regular programming 🙂

Okay friends: I need your help!

YMF is just a baby. It will be one year old in July (it’s still an infant!).

For its one year birthday, I want to implement changes/updates/revisions according to what YOU, the members of the YMF community, think is best.

In order to find that out- I need your feedback. PLEASE take a second to do this anonymous survey.


-none of the questions are required, and you can be as detailed (or not) as you want. (but more is better)
-PLEASE do answer the questions about yourself at the beginning so that I can better understand who the audience is for YMF
-because it is anonymous, feel free to be as BLUNT and HONEST as you can be!

I really, really appreciate you taking the time to do this! I hope that this will help me better understand how to improve YMF!

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