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answering your questions, one search term at a time (part 2)


As you might know, the WordPress site that hosts our blog has a stats page that lists the search terms that directed people to our blog (meaning the person googled these questions, and google sent them to this blog). I often check that list purely because some of the searches make me laugh. So, inspired by this series at By Common Consent, I have answered some of the questions below (and also in a previous post found here):


Question 1: young mormon house wives

Answer: So, so close. It’s like if YMF married FMH.

Question 2: is dead good for healthy

Answer: Uh…no?

Question 3: i loved a handsome boy. we often went

Answer: Guys the suspense is killing me

Question 4: guys are shoulders immodest

Answer: I really hope this was asked, “Guys, are shoulders immodest?” And I hope the answer came across loud and clear: we have sexualized the female body to a ridiculous degree. It’s time for it to stop.

Question 5: there’s 2 types of women

Answer: The ones who laugh at this question and the ones who don’t?


Next up: questions that I believe directed to our website due to Tinesha and I’s awesome post on male immodesty:

Question 6: no male nude modesty allowed at home

Answer: No modesty allowed at home? What happened to being righteous at all times and in all things and in all places?

Question 7: big naked male knees

Answer: There are some crazy weird fetishes in this world.

Question 8: I am a guy and modest

Answer: Good for you!!

Question 9: feminist mormon knees

Answer: They are definitely more subversive than your average knee.

Question 10: moroni, utah people

Answer: The good people of Moroni, Utah thank you for your interest in their existence. It only happens once in a dispensation.


Unrelated- but check this out. BYUSA thinks that James Bond is a good role model. The Student Review disagrees. Check your role models, BYUSA.


3 Responses to “answering your questions, one search term at a time (part 2)”

  1. Tiffany

    This is hilarious. I really, really needed a good laugh right about now. Thank you!


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