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progress on prayers


On September 29th, 1978, women were authorized to give prayers in sacrament meetings. The LDS Church has come a long way (see a short history on women giving prayers in church here), and we are excited that it has taken a huge leap: Peggy Fletcher Stack of the Salt Lake Tribune has announced that women will make history by praying for the first time in General Conference.

Amber Whiteley over at Feminist Mormon Housewives has written about the announcement, as well as her experience organizing the Let Women Pray efforts. You can read her story here. 

4 Responses to “progress on prayers”

  1. speedyss55

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen woman give the benediction at General Conference plenty of times before. So I honestly don’t know what the big deal is here/

    • hannahwheelwright

      Please post the link to the sessions of conference in which women have prayed- all the records are on If you read the link I posted about the short history of women praying, you can see the records. Unless you can prove that women have prayed (and you should be able to if they have, given that the church has kept records), I will continue to believe that this is significant.

  2. Ash.

    I hope that this rumor becomes a reality! I am longing for more female presence during Conference.


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