I understand feeling frustrated about yet another female stripper scene when we almost never see males or other genders in stripper scenes — we’re being told that (straight, cis) male sexuality and desire are what matter, not other people’s sexuality. (I hear Magic Mike and its sequel make up for this injustice, so you might consider seeing them if you haven’t. Leave the boyfriend at home. 😉

Sexy sex scenes between couples are a different thing, however. They aren’t unnecessary; they’re sexy and appealing, just like action scene are fun or thrilling, and jokes are funny and entertaining. It’s all there for fun, and it can also tell us about the characters and further their stories.

Modesty, IMO, is a male invention. Believing in modesty is believing in the idea that women’s bodies exists for men to control. I was taught that hiding my sexuality until a man was ready to claim it was being modest. Long sleeves and long skirts are about suppressing women’s natural sexual desires so that men can use their bodies as they see fit: stick them up on virgin pedestals, drag them down into Jezebel fantasies, blame them for “asking for” their own rape because they didn’t dress modestly enough, desexualize them as mother figures or hormonal-less grandmothers, etc.

Modesty is society pretending women’s wild sexual fantasies are wrong, because women are there to have children, not to be sexually passionate and dominant, because that’s a man’s domain.