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in regards to exmormons and Christlike love

I have watched many friends and family members leave the Mormon church recently. In fact just since July of this year, I have seen over 10 of my friends decide to resign from the Church. This is always a little bit sad, but what has broken my heart even more is to see the way Mormons have treated those who have resigned from the Church. I have seen unkindness, judgement, argumentative behavior, and even seen people choose to attack and discontinue relationships. I have seen parents “unfriend” their children on Facebook after heated, angry discussions on social media, usually invoking name-calling and nastiness. I have seen friends openly attack others in the name of Mormonism and label exmembers as anti-Mormons and sinners. Even some Mormon bloggers have attacked others, using Mormonism as their defense.

This is not how we should be. Our behaviors towards our loved ones who leave should not change. If anything, we should love them more. I do not believe that the leaders of our church would have us turn our backs on each other and I definitely don’t think that is Christlike behavior from people who claim to be Christians.

Some have said that Christ wasn’t as loving as we sometimes label Him and reference the money changers in the temple as a defense for their negative behavior. To that I say, yes Christ is not the frolicking through the daisies Jesus we sometimes make Him out to be. He did get angry and rebuke others. However, the rare times He did such things were in cases of hypocrites, those who used His and His Father’s name in vain, those who misused the temple, and so on. Please be careful when invoking righteous anger when it comes to exmormons and nonmembers.

To my friends who have left, I am sorry if you have experienced this. I am sorry for those who misuse Mormonism in this way. I am embarrassed by the actions of these people. Please know, this is not how I feel about you and that I will continue to be your friend and to love you.

Liz Lemon Swindle

Liz Lemon Swindle

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