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sunday spotlight: danielle


Sunday Spotlight is a series where we profile individuals in the Young Mormon Feminists community to hear their stories and get to know them a little better through Q&A or their personal narratives. This week we talked with Danielle.


Who are you and what are you up to?

I’m Danielle, or dankrist the three times a year I comment on blogs. Right now, I am a stay at home parent to my five month old baby. I feel really lucky that we can swing me not working right now because I am really having such honeymoon with my little squish.

I am on the board of Ordain Women and am tentatively getting my ducks to stop being jerks so I can apply to grad programs in nurse midwifery.

I read lots and knit and watch too much TV. I spent much of November producing the most delicious oatmeal cookie.

What makes you a Mormon?

I was raised in the LDS church and I am an active member. I’m a Mormon through my love of the history and theology. My spouse and I debate whether we will or should raise our child in the LDS church. It works for us but is a relationship with the institution something we should hand on? Fortunately, though, our Mormonism will always be ours and it is something I am glad we get to share with her.

What makes you a feminist?

I have never been one to vote against my own interests, for starters. I believe that the equality of all genders and sexes should be a readily observable value in our society and achieving that equality is worth fighting for. I believe we need to do the work to disrupt and dismantle the kyriarchy.

What makes you a Mormon feminist?

I believe in doing the work where you are and where I am is Mormon.

Also I once had one of those purple profile pictures, so.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully catching babies and living some place with 60 degree weather at all times. I would also like two miniature milking goats and a couple rescue pittbulls.

Any parting words for us?

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

3 Responses to “sunday spotlight: danielle”

  1. Mimi

    “Very active” and debating to raise your child in the church seem to be in conflict with each other. Plus, is being a mother so reprehensible that you call yourself a “parent” instead? You are an interesting paradox.


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