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gift ideas for the feminist in your life: 12 days of ymf-mas

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of YMF-Mas! Whether you love the holidays or dread them every year, we’re here to offer you support and cheer. So pull on that ugly sweater, grab some eggnog, and enjoy!


The Ultimate Feminist Gift Guide

By Shelley

Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti

full frontal feminismWhether you’re shopping for a budding feminist or a seasoned third-waver, no library is complete without Valenti’s Full Frontal Feminism.

Feminist Sloth Sticker Set
Proclaim your revolutionary ideals in the cutest way possible.

Feminist Fox Tote Bag


For carrying all of your implements of dismantling the patriarchy.

Male Tears Mug

male tears mug

Because we all enjoy a good cup of that sweet, sweet elixir in the morning.

Subscription to Bitch Magazine

bitch magazine

Perfect for the feminist who DIY’s while smashing kyriarchy.

Pro choice, Pro feminism, Pro cats T-Shirt

pro cats shirt

Succinct. Powerful. Meow.

Because…you know.

21 Responses to “gift ideas for the feminist in your life: 12 days of ymf-mas”

    • sshheelleeyy

      This conversation has been had approximately 2873853948573489587384 times on the internet, and I’d wager that 2873853948573489587383 of those times, it has not been productive. So, no, I’m not getting into that conversation on a blog comment section.

      • Katherine

        You’re right, it has been had a lot. But I’ve never heard an answer from you, and that’s why I was looking for. Listen, if you have such a controversial view, you cannot be surprised, offended, or put off when someone asks you about it. If you believe it, defend it. Tell me why.

      • sshheelleeyy

        “I’ve never heard an answer from you.”

        I don’t even know who you are, so I don’t know how you would ever have had the opportunity to bring this up for me to give you an answer.

    • sshheelleeyy

      Did you just send me a facebook friend request?

      And, no, I’m not interested in debating you on abortion on the internet. That is literally the number one example of how the internet fosters unproductive conversations.

      • Katherine

        I don’t understand why you refuse to debate a serious topic that you obviously feel strongly about. If you care about so-called women’s rights, you should be happy to defend your beliefs.
        Once again, shall we do it in person?

        If you cannot back up your convictions, you shouldn’t express them in the first place.

      • sshheelleeyy

        Unless you live in Ohio, I see some logistical problems with meeting in person.

        Also, lol’ing forever at being expected to offer exposition on my beliefs when I posted a tongue-in-cheek gift guide. There are tons of articles and books available on contemporary reproductive rights if you’re actually interested in reasoning behind the position.

  1. hannahwheelwright

    sweet baby jesus, that’s creepy katherine. feels pretty predatory to hunt someone down on facebook and repeatedly request to meet in person when you are a stranger clearly bent on a fight. no one is obligated to explain their opinions to you just because they stated something you disagree with.

    • Katherine

      Sweet baby Jesus, huh? Hannah, If I’m not mistaken, you are in some sort of
      Mormon transition phase, but do you really think that’s appropriate to take the Lord’s name in vain? Also, name-calling? Really?

      Bent on a fight? Is debate and disagreement a fight? If so, you’re the biggest offender of all.

      This is the age of the Internet. Ya’ll put yourself out there, post your names, and then think it’s freaky when someone tries to contact you? Oh yeah, totally predatory
      You have no problem at all disagreeing.. You’ve become famous for trashing the Church. And yet you cry victim when someone asks you to elaborate. Come on, now. You can do better than that.

      • erinmoore

        Oy. Nobody called you a name. Hannah said what you did was creepy and predatory. And I agree that finding someone on Facebook using only a first name, adding them, and repeatedly inviting them in person to discuss a very controversial issue (which the author’s original post was not at all about) is not normal behavior, and it probably makes this author feel a bit uncomfortable.

      • Katherine

        I see. Tell me, which do you take greater offense at: requesting to add someone on Facebook, or advocating for the “right” to kill an unborn child?

        How can you say her original post had nothing to do with abortion? The phrase “pro choice” was used twice. If you invite controversy (which ya’ll are very good at), you must welcome it.

      • erinmoore

        A reference to something, or two references, does not make it the subject of the post. The post is a humorous, feminist themed gift guide. That you’ve zeroed in on that particular detail, even though it’s one that’s important to you, is the reason you’re being accused of looking for a fight. The post itself does not provoke that discussion.

      • Katherine

        So if the post mentioned some abhorrent topic casually (Slavery, child abuse, domestic violence) but only did it in a joking way, would you say to just disregard it, or would it be cause for concern and something that needs to be pointed out?

      • erinmoore

        We would never put up a post that joked about something as universally wrong as slavery. Though this post is lighthearted, feminists are generally not joking when they say they’re pro choice. It’s a position many people take thoughtfully and sincerely. It’s also something many would be interested in discussing, but again, this post and its author did not invite that discussion, hence the reason she is not engaging you on this or the other social media platforms you’ve tried to reach her on.

      • Katherine

        Got it. But as abortion is just as morally evil as is slavery (and the two are very, very closely tied together), I had to point it out.

        She did not invite that discussion? You’ve got to be kidding. You all write a famous blog that is extremely controversial, and then you shun discussion? That is absolutely ridiculous.

        Look up Margaret Sander, the founder of PP. Read what she says about blacks. Look up how more black babies are aborted in NYC than are born. If you advocate for racial equality, you cannot expect to be taken seriously if you support abortion “rights.” Not in any way at all.

        Take care.

      • erinmoore

        Nobody is shunning discussion. Im trying to explain to you why you’re failing to provoke the topic and intensity of discussion you seem to be looking for.

        This blog is and will continue to be a space for discussion of serious issues. We have many contributors who vary in their interests and enagement style. I can’t speak for the group, but I know I try to engage readers whose comments are down to earth, thoughtful, and in some way considerate of my position, even if they disagree, which is why I will no longer be participating on this thread. All the best.

      • Katherine

        Got it. Well I do hope the killing of unborn children bothers you infinitely more than do my comments. I do hope you realize that abortion is repeatedly used to cover up rape. I hope you understand that the original philosophy behind PP was to “exterminate the Negroes population” (exact quote). There are so many things I hope you understand or come to learn about abortion.
        Take care, Erin

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