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follow the female prophets

guest post by Sophia Mason


Follow the Female Prophets (New verses for the Primary song, “Follow the Prophet” p.110)


The song “Follow the Prophet” is not really about following the prophet. If it were, the first verse would not be about Adam in Eden because there wasn’t anyone there to follow him, just Eve to help him. And Moses’s verse would start, “The Israelites kept the law so they did what was right…”. The song then is really about being a prophet. Or more specifically, being a righteous prophet (or else Moses’s first line could alternatively run, “Moses was a prophet, kept from the Promised Land…”). I was able to put aside my gender for a moment as a child and bask in the spirit that testified to me of helping things to grow, being translated, saying what is true when no one listens, and making inspired choices today. But I find it difficult to know how exactly I “use priesthood authority” (as Elder Dallin H. Oaks claims) when I have never EVER been taught before that my sisters and I do “use priesthood authority.” If we want to believe that these words are divinely inspired (even if still deeply problematic), then we have to bring our actions in line with them. We have to act as if this is true. We might have to start teaching that this is true. We might even have to start teaching that this is true to children from a young age, and in ways that will grab children’s attention and testify to them that this is true. Or we could choose not to follow prophets. That’s always an option.



Miriam was a prophet, lived in Pharaoh’s land,

Saved her brother from the Pharaoh’s hand.

In the desert exile, Miriam heard God’s call,

So she wore the mantle, leader to them all.

Exodus 15:20-21



As a judge in Israel, Deborah was wise,

Went with Israel’s armies, fighting for their lives.

She said that a woman would come to win the fight,

When Jael dropped the tent peg, Deborah was right.

Judges 4:4



The High Priest went to Huldah carrying a book,

He had not been taught it, wanted her to look,

She proclaimed it righteous, based on what she saw,

Judah had ignored it, she restored the Law.

Kings 22:14



Anna was a prophet, eighty-four years old,

Seeking the Redeemer, of which she’d been told,

When Mary brought the Christ Child, there for to be blessed,

Anna saw our Savior and told this to the rest.

Luke 2:36-38


Isaiah’s Wife

Isaiah had a wife who was a prophetess,

She bore a son whom God named, as the scriptures witness.

The child’s name would tell of Judah’s looming loss,

Th’ Lord said name the child, Maher-shalal-hash-baz.

Isaiah 8:1-4


The Daughters of Philip

Four sisters in the Bible, after Christ had ris’n,

Fulfilled the prophet Joel with prophecies they’d given.

Although no one recorded what these girls did say,

D&C lists spiritual gifts we all have today.

Acts 21:8-9

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