not in Primary anymore

hairy carrie.

I wish people would stop asking me why I shaved my head. It’s none of anyone’s business. If you don’t like it, don’t say anything.

I wish people would stop asking me why I don’t shave my legs or my underarms. Again. Not anyone’s business.

My body. My decisions.

Apparently that’s not a thing.

Why someone does or does not do their hair a certain way, or groom a certain way, is none of your business. Are you occupying the body in question? No? Then not your business.

Little battles for bodily autonomy happen all the time. Don’t be an instigator.


15 Responses to “hairy carrie.”

  1. Stacy

    Why do people keep asking me what I did over the weekend? Are you occupying the body in question? No? Then not your business.

    Little battles for bodily autonomy happen all the time. Don’t be an instigator.

  2. Jaxon

    Whoa, wait. You stop doing “the social norm” and wonder why people ask? Curiosity! I’m curious as to why you’re not shaving your legs or underarms just by reading this!

    Why would you want to give up the feeling of climbing into bed with freshly shaven legs?! (See, curiosity)

  3. Gina

    Someone’s feeling a bit insecure. If you’re a female who shaved your head there are generally three conclusions people will come to. 1. You have cancer and are going to chemo and people want to do anything they can to lighten your load. 2. Some other medical condition caused hair thinning/loss and people want to do anything they can to lighten your load. 3. You want to bring attention to yourself, those most people don’t expect this from a non-teenager.

  4. Emmeline

    Please don’t contribute to the “liberals are all pansies” ideology by getting offended over everything. It’s not normal to get your panties in a bundle because someone asked you a question. If someone asks me where I bought my shirt or why I got hair extensions, should I revolt and say that my autonomy isn’t being honored? What are you, the center of the universe? People ask questions, dear. Get used to it, become so strong that a mere question doesn’t hurt you.

  5. Jennie

    Typical liberal. “If you disagree with me or my choice you must hate me.”

  6. AL

    The world would be a better place if people kept their opinions to themselves, especially when it comes to committing on another’s outward appearance. Just because you have an opinion does not mean it needs to be voiced.

  7. Dani

    Yes the world does revolve around me. Thanks so much for calling me a “typical liberal” – I tried to follow the handbook exactly. You’re right. It’s totally cool to comment on someone’s body hair. I can’t wait until the next time someone I don’t know walks up to me, asks me why I made super personal decisions, tells me I should change them, and walks away. I can’t wait until random people start asking me why I don’t shampoo my leg hair, or that I need to bleach it so it’s harder to look at, because they totally can’t just not look at me, and keep their comments about my appearance to themselves. That would be asking too much.

    • Emmeline

      I would hardly call growing hairy legs a “super personal decision”. Just sayin’. If people are asking why you don’t shampoo your leg hair, maybe it’s because it smells bad and you can’t smell it but others can. Who knows. But if you’re going to do a controversial style, backlash comes with the territory, just like if I get more tattoos, someone gets a bunch of piercings in their face, or dyes their hair bright pink. Questions, judgments, and stares happen to EVERYONE for different reasons (religious, cultural, fashion-related, it runs the gamut). You’re asking to be exempt from the same stuff that happens to everyone in one form or another, and yes, that is asking too much.

  8. Sweeney

    Um, Gina and Emmeline, I’m pretty sure you guys are (perhaps unintentionally) contributing to the problem. Gina, the reasons you gave for why a woman would typically be bald are narrow and products of our socialized society. We are trained to see the world in a certain way; but only our tiny portion of it. In African cultures, many woman wear their hair close-cropped, practically bald. No one assumes they are dying/have cancer/are acting out. That may be what you think or what a handful of people think in regards to bald women in American culture, but that doesn’t mean that’s the reality. Sometimes things just are or are created to be because the creator feels so inspired. Peoples’ assumptions are of their own creation as well and, in a polite society, are often best kept to themselves.

    And Emmeline, you made a similar flub- telling the post’s author that if she wants “lumberjack legs,” aka, implying manly and/or unfeminine gams, then she can do so, but a). she doesn’t need permission and b). why are you automatically attributing her body hair as something unfeminine? Her body NATURALLY produces that hair. If you stop and think about it, it’s really odder that we waste so much time shaving the hair off. And just because you feel secure in your tattoos doesn’t mean someone else feels secure in other peoples’ nosiness where their personal decisions are concerned. We are all different, after all.

    And finally, Jaxson, I have a curiosity of my own. If you think shaved legs are so great and smooth, why don’t you shave yours? (presuming you don’t already). Equality for all!

    • Emmeline

      I’m not implying at all; I do think it looks manly. You’re entitled to think they look feminine if you choose but I’m entitled to my viewpoint that they’re masculine. Since when has equality meant androgyny? Do we have to start adopting male hygiene now in order to “equal” things out? Sorry, not buying that for a second.
      I don’t care about her leg hair and whether or not she wants to be a baldie; that was never my argument. But I’m not going to feel bad for someone who’s offended that people aren’t digging her look. She picked her look and cool if she likes it, but she needs to realize that others don’t have to think it’s stylish and if they want to ask questions, that’s their right, same as it’s her right to say and do what she wants.
      The “terminally-offended liberal” attitude is nonsense. No one has to be politically correct around her to protect her from feeling offended. Being offended is a choice.

      • Eliza

        Emmeline, you are so awesome and level headed. Seriously, I don’t get why the liberals think any opposing viewpoint is “hate” and conveniently forget that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and the ability to express them. Seriously, they want the ability to state their own view points, but then deny that to others. It’s both amusing, and incredibly frustrating to see how hypocritical they get from one second to the next.

      • Dollie

        I don’t get by *whatever the opposite of liberals is* think that if someone disagrees with them it means they must be hypocritical. Quit referring to people with different persons as if they’re not the same species as you. Every single one of us is capable of being a hypocrite and awesome and level headed all at the same time. Oh and btw it would also be a good idea to quit generalizing everyone under a single title such as “liberals” and giving them all the same traits and weaknesses. People. We’re all just people.

  9. Ernie Banks

    I’m deeply offended that you would mock the deceased legend Harry Caray in the title of this little diatribe of self pity. Even as a liberal, I think you should get over yourself.


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