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ymf podcast episode 3: American privilege in the church

Join Julia as she speaks with two feminists, Azul in Mexizo and Leone in New Zealand, about American privilege in the LDS Church and how American-centered church messages resonate in other cultures.


5 Responses to “ymf podcast episode 3: American privilege in the church”

  1. L.

    If I may jump in and comment here, I am from New Zealand and have lived also in the USA and Europe. The Church is SOOOOOO different in New Zealand, beyond anything I’ve seen in any other country. As a people, we don’t like to follow the Church Handbook and there is an antagonism to anything authority-wise coming from N. America. New Zealand is by far the most dysfunctional place in the world I’ve ever lived as a member. Not many strong members, sadly. Many dysfunctional families, sadly.

  2. Nancy

    From the content on this site, you wonder why “Mormon” is even in the name. Do you have anything good to say about the church? All I see here are complaints. If it’s so terrible, why are you YMFs still members?

    • thedavidpearson

      I personally believe that it is possible to look critically at something while still claiming belief in the subject. Isn’t that what studying is? Looking critically at something in order to better understand it?

    • L.

      I agree with you Nancy. It is odd that there is so much fault finding under the guise of looking at it critically in order to understand it. If you look at things in the gospel (which are meant to be followed and understood through FAITH), critically examining and pointing out flaws is not an effective way to gain faith. Picking apart the church is not time well spent when there is so much good—much, much more good—than bad. Why not focus on the good, faith promoting things rather than a constant barrage of negativity and fault finding in even minute details?

      I used to follow FMH and this blog but I’m tired of the complaining and grasping at straws, trying to find any reason to find fault. These aren’t the kind of online friends I want (especially in person). It is exhausting.

      I’m done, and I hope I’m not the only one. Best wishes, I hope some can find happiness in their mutual misery.


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