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of great importance.


We live in a telestial world. Isn’t that what we learn in Sunday School? We live in a telestial world, and get to prove ourselves and work up to exaltation. The highest degree of the celestial kingdom. From the bottom, up. I always took solace in that teaching, as a kid. All I heard was how the world is such a wicked place, and someday Jesus would triumph over evil and BAM! Exaltation. Okay, it isn’t that simple. But that’s how I thought of it.

That’s why capitalism was so easy to buy into. Those who work hard are rewarded. But anyone at the bottom also has the chance to work their way up.

My family and I stopped by Walmart last night to pick up some fabric. I made a comment about how Walmart isn’t exactly well-known for the superior way in which it treats its customers. My brother responded with, “Well, it’s kind of the workers’ fault. They should just go find a new job. Or try getting a degree. Or move, or something.” This makes perfect sense, according to Mormon doctrine. If people want their situation to change…if people want to live in a celestial, rather than a telestial, kingdom, they simply just need to be more obedient. To work harder.

My mom doesn’t believe that global climate change or overpopulation of the planet are problematic because the scriptures say that the Earth can sustain all of life.

My grandfather still believes that people of color will be white in the afterlife. And non-straight people will be straight.

People are concerned with women lining up and asking admittance to the Priesthood session. Forget about racism, heterosexism, or classism. Forget about the world being zapped of resources in a couple decades. Worry about people standing in a line.

I do not intend to mock OW or its supporters. I merely mean to point out that, perhaps, the Church’s concerns are in the wrong place.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss the next mall project…

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