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My name is Hannah Watts and I am a senior anthropology major at Fort Lewis College. I am conducting an undergraduate anthropology senior seminar research project focused on the conversations surrounding whether or not women should be ordained into the LDS priesthood. The internet’s capacity for connecting people has been one of particular interest to anthropologists lately. The Ordain Women movement provides an opportunity to study the role of the internet in stimulating social change within a community. In my research I will attempt to determine what role the internet plays in opening the conversation about reducing perceived gender inequalities among LDS church members. This is the first step in finding answers to my deeper research questions that involve an examination of the relationship between informal discourse, formal proposals for change, and policy changes.

 You can find a link to my survey below. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding my research. You can reach me at

 Thank You!

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