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The Sunstone Symposium is coming up soon! It will be July 31-August 3 at the University of Utah Student Union Building in Salt Lake City. You can view all the information about the symposium- times, locations, and presenters for all the panels and workshops- here. Register for it now by clicking here. #MormonNewswire over at By Common Consent has already produced Highlights from Upcoming Papers of the 2013 Symposium (that article is satire but is so spot-on that I can’t not link to it). There will be roadshows on Saturday night at which YMF will be performing! You won’t want to miss it! (But if you do, it’ll all be recorded for posterity, so don’t worry. Book of Life/Youtube of Life, etc)

Sunstone does amazing work to further LDS scholarship as well as to foster discussions on a host of issues relating to Mormonism (see more information below). They need your support and are starting a Five Dollar Friday campaign to make sure Sunstone continues its work. See more details here. 

The Sunstone Education Foundation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints* is a vibrant religious tradition with a diverse membership that has widely differing needs. For many Latter-day Saints, one of these needs is free and frank exploration of gospel truths as they relate to the complexities of today’s society. Some crave stimulating discussions of contemporary scholarship, literature, and social issues. Others find great comfort being able to read, hear, and share personal faith journeys, including all their twists and turns and occasional uncertainties.

Through its many forums, Sunstone serves these Latter-day Saints and many others for whom life and faith is a wonderful but unique adventure. Sunstone brings together traditional and non-traditional Latter-day Saints, promoting an atmosphere that values faith, intellectual and experiential integrity.

* Sunstone is an independent organization, and does not have any official ties to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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