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We recently received an email (you can always contact us at youngmormonfeminists AT gmail DOT com) from Amber Richardson with exciting news!

My name is Amber Richardson, and I’m emailing you about an exciting project called Women of Faith. In early 2011 my close friend and fellow performer, Anna Hargadon, approached me with an idea to use our performing talents to do some good. At the time Daughters in My Kingdom had recently been published and distributed by the Church. Anna and I are both storytellers, and because of our shared background we instantly saw the value of adding more stories of women to the already male-heavy collection of faith narratives that we find in most of our published works.

We ended up selecting 5 stories representing more obscure women from the Church’s history. These stories ranged from Martha Hughes Cannon–first female senator and polygamist wife–to many other women.

We wanted to create a theatrical piece that would support the aims of Daughters in My Kingdom. So over the following year we wrote Women of Faith. The project took on 7 more college-aged women. Together we wrote the play; it became a compilation of real women’s stories of faith and choice couched in the fictional arc of a young girl named Julianne facing a life-altering choice.The play garnered a lot of support from the BYU community, so much so that we want to continue to share it. We’ve decided that the best way to do that is to adapt into a short film. Ultimately, we hope that we’ll be able to shareWomen of Faith with as many people as possible. We’d like to post it online so that it can be viewed for free, and create firesides using our piece coupled with doctrine surrounding womanhood. We hope our project will add to the dialogues of women’s strength, struggles, questions, and identity that are already out there.

You can check out our website here:

You can donate to their Kickstarter here! When it is completed, they want to put it online and let people watch it for free. Best of luck to them!

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