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book recommendation: dark deception by lawrence pratt

We received this book recommendation from an anonymous reader. You can always contact us by emailing youngmormonfeminists AT gmail DOT com with your recommendations, comments, questions, etc. 

Dear YMF;
Although I don’t qualify as a young Mormon, I do consider myself a feminist and would like to recommend/invite members to read a novel I’ve recently finished –Dark Deception by Lawrence Pratt. While not directly related to the LDS faith, the author addresses many contemporary issues faced by LDS women and, with two, under-30 protagonist’s, I believe the work would appeal to YMFs. Additionally, despite his gender, Mr. Pratt seems to be quite the ardent feminist.

A bit about me. I’m a BIC LDS woman in my late 40s with four grown and gone children but no grandchildren as yet. Unfortunately, I am divorced, both legally and spiritually, after far too many years in an abusive relationship. My former husband was an Eagle Scout, returned missionary, and BYU grad. Unfortunately, after our SLC temple wedding he turned out to be an emotionally abusive serial adulterer who left me with more than one sexually transmitted disease.

Amazingly enough, he’s now a member of a stake presidency.

All this probably accounts for my current state as a less-than-active fence sitter in my ward but I am trying to return to a more active spiritual life.

Have you read Dark Deception? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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