LDS agency is limiting, but only for men, truly, because only men truly have full agency in the church. – The continuing limit to advancement of the men here is the ego. They are more concerned with being in charge than they are of finding their divinity. They walk around like cocks among the hens, thinking that they are bigger and better and more important than the ‘little people’ amongst whom they are ‘strutting’. Where is the humility?

Female agency and authority is full in the home but not in the church. – By accepting this ‘role’ women are continuing to limit themselves in their own eyes. It is not the men that are keeping the women from having a ‘full agency’, but the women that are content in their ‘comfort zone’ in the home. This is through fear. What will happen if I go against the men? Excommunication only takes place because people go along and agree with it. Who, actually, do those in charge, with so-called full agency, think they are. Who has given them the right to run things and the power to make the decisions? It is the community, the people, and not God. How long are the women going to submit?