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fMh lisa interviews yMf hannah

Check out this week’s podcast over at Feminist Mormon Housewives- fMh Lisa, who started the Feminist Mormon Housewives blog, interviews Hannah Wheelwright, who started this Young Mormon Feminists blog. It covers Hannah’s feminist awakening, ongoing faith transition, and a snippet of her vision for equality moving forward in the Mormon faith. The podcast can be found HERE.

2 Responses to “fMh lisa interviews yMf hannah”

  1. Ray

    Hannah, I really appreciate your story.
    I’m a life-long member, In the Air Force and father of two young girls. I’m sorry for the dumb men you have met in the past. I hope I wasn’t that bad when I was younger, but it takes some of us a while to grow up. I encourage you and want you to know that I hope my very young daughters grow up to emulate your qualities.

  2. Erik M.

    Great job Hannah! That 2 hour visiting teaching session sounded awful. I’ve been going through a similar process for a few years and I still have no idea how to productivity engage the more orthodox and conservative believers.


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