Yep, this is a corner the church has painted itself into. And why I would very much like to see the church itself take some accountability for the culture it has promoted which endorses female vulnerability.

Because it’s not just “feminists” who wind up breaking the awful news to devoted SAHMs, who gave up education and identity, that maybe it wasn’t the best decision.

Often it’s a bishop talking to a distraught mother of X kids who’s been dumped, has no way to support herself because of the “sacrifices” she made for her husband– and then is informed by the bishop that she won’t get much help from the church because “Church welfare exists as a temporary bridge, it’s not to support lifestyles.”

Thus this woman finds that this whole “SAHM” thing that she’s been told is a commandment all her life, when it was convenient for the community around her, suddenly becomes a “lifestyle” when it’s no longer convenient for them.

So I find it really disgraceful when “feminists” are blamed for threatening SAHMs. It’s the *entire community* that threatens SAHMs. We’re just the ones pointing that out. Kill the messenger much?


(And to be fair, my husband and other stay-at-home dads in our area are actually working when they’re at home… they’re not using it as an excuse for more video games. Jut like there are diligent moms and moms who mostly spend their day blogging… uh-oh! time to log off… : D)