not in Primary anymore

in which we hear from some awesome yMf fans

I’m excited to share this story from an awesome feminist couple who emailed us yesterday:

“My wife and I just moved into a new ward in Rexburg and had to fill out a form to have our Church records transferred. The only information they asked for was for the Head of Household. So we decided to put her name first and include both of our contact information.

(BTW, her name isn’t legally the same as mine…but the clerks at the temple changed it on the church records when we got married…without asking).”


Young Mormon Feminists FTW!

5 Responses to “in which we hear from some awesome yMf fans”

  1. Holly

    Way to go! It’s those small acts that make a big difference in the long run.

  2. Rachael

    They did that to us too, changing my name in the church records without even checking to see what I wanted, and when we got married, automatically transferred my records to my husband’s home ward (where he had been living), instead of leaving me in the ward I had been living in, which was the ward we were going to actually be in. It made me so mad.


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